is a creative boutique that stands for meaningful aesthetics behind every design product. Specializing in brand identities, website design, and interfaces.

➀ We are a dynamic duo of Artem Morozov (art-director and designer cv↗) and Alla Ivanova (consultant and marketing specialist) with 20+ combined years of expertise

150+ projects for 20+ clients


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visual design + product identity

we create full spectrum of identity related artifacts: from standalone logos to detailed style and guidebooks for your brand or product.

web-design + no-code development

we create beautiful websites that unveil the story and drive users to action. From the well-structured landing page to a thought through corporate website, and turnkey projects.

application design + UX/UI design

we design smart applications up to the highest standards and complex requirements combined with sophisticated design aesthetics.

Our Process

it’s all about design process. We have built our approach in such a way as to achieve the coolest result on time. Just check it:

➀ Discover

Discover stage illustration

Every project starts with a discussion. We interview you to find out all the project details, values, and problem it solves, all there is to know.

As a result, we discover the project core: project goals, positioning, audience, competitors, user needs.

➁ Ideate

Iterate stage illustration

It's time for ideas. We generate solutions, explore visual directions, and discuss these options with the client

In this phase, we combine our research with meaningful aesthetics and design decisions that fit.

➂ Create

Create stage illustration

We take the best idea and start its production. We design and polish and do the work for our vision to come true.

As a result, we get a great product that meets all technical requirements and is ready to go.

➃ Implement

Implementation stage illustration

We can implement any designs we produce down the finest details of execution. We can broadcast the same design to any media, scale, and create the design system.

In this phase, we combine our research with meaningful As it is important for us to maintain the quality design thought the finished product, it makes us happy to embody our website design in Webflow or carry out the author's supervision to your team.aesthetics and design decisions that fit.

Let's get started

got some project in mind?

No more words. Let’s make one wonderful together:

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